Energy Efficient Glazing

Our A to A+ rated windows come equipped with the latest features of insulation technology to increase the efficiency of your home, both environmentally and financially.

Argon gas filled sealed units, black swiss spacers, 28mm sealed units and energy efficient glass ensure that our windows are of the highest standard when it comes to saving energy.

The Benefits:

  • Saving Money: Investing in energy efficient windows will reduce overall heating costs which are at a premium rate in Winter months. Over the lifespan of a window the heating cost savings will outweigh the initial purchase cost.

  • Heating Efficiency: Being able to reduce heat loss will increase the warmth and comfort of your home. A reduction in uncontrolled air flow will emphasize this warmth by reducing draughts and cool air flow.

  • Increasing House Value: By upgrading your household energy efficiency the desirability of your property on the market increases. According to a property sales report by the Government, a homeowner who actively upgrades their household energy efficiency could see the value of their house increase by up to 14-38%.

  • Reduced Noise: The layer of air in sealed units will act as another layer of insulation to further drown out noise interference and increase the peacefulness of your home.

  • Lower Maintenance: Our hard wearing windows have a long life span, our 10 year servicing guarantee ensures that adjustments/issues will be dealt with by a professional team. Better insulated windows also reduce the chance of condensation which can be damaging to the frame.

  • Lower Emissions: Reduced energy usage will aid the reduction of your household carbon footprint.