At Oakwood Windows we pride ourselves on the quality and choice of glass we offer. Our range of glass options ensures that the product that you choose is perfectly tailored for you.

Energy Efficiency

Our high-specification glass sealed units offer high energy ratings which minimize heat loss and draughtiness, keeping your home warm at a fraction of the price.


We offer the additional choice of laminated or toughened glass which will not shatter upon impact to further bolster our standard security features.


Encapsulation is a unique service that we offer whereby stained glass features in existing windows with low energy and security ratings are hand restored and sealed into high-specification double glazed units.


Certain products in our range, most notably our Ultrasky skylights, offer a range of tinted glass options.

Leaded Glass

Certain products in our range can be customised to suit period buildings through the addition of leaded glass.

For more information on our glass options and specifications see our terms and conditions.