Local Installers outshine big brands

Big brand window companies rated last in Which surveys whilst local installers excel in consumer tests

Big brand double glazing firms Anglian and Everest lagged behind in last place according to a recent Which survey which tested the experience of 2,125 customers. Customer experience was tested extensively across numerous key areas with local glaziers given an impressive score of 84% compared to 54% for larger brand glaziers.

The survey found that local glaziers outperformed their rivals by scoring far higher in terms of salesperson’s level of knowledge, the quality of customer service and the durability of installation. Indeed, local glaziers achieved a 5 star score across all these boards compared to larger counterparts who were the only glaziers tested to achieve as low as 2 stars.

Further research revealed that the main reason people decided to go with independents were due to their locality, sales technique and reputation. This is something that we, at Oakwood Windows, are proud to deliver. We are a local, family run company with over 40 years industry experience that has built a business based on recommendation and referral. We pride ourselves on refraining from the use of high-pressure sales techniques and prefer to generate business ethically based on our reputation and high standards of customer service.

Oakwood Windows are industry regulated, all our products come with a 10 year insurance backed guarantee and are conducted by craftsmen fitters who are directly employed by Oakwood Windows.

We have won multiple customer service awards and our proud of our reviews from independent reviewers AllChecked and AllinLondon which rate us at 5 stars and 10/10 respectively.

Joe Runchman